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Today, most people are not looking for a career; everyone needs that quick fix that will bring money into their pocket, a job is what they call it.

Working in a place you hate, with a boss who drives you crazy is no way to spend the rest of your life.   Develop a career in a place that allows you to grow, flourish, ADVANCE!  Whoa, advance?   YES, that’s possible ladies and gentleman! Why settle for a JOB when you can have a CAREER


Here are the top 5 things you should look for in a healthcare program or class that will help you start a new career!

1.)    What is the job outlook for the career you want to train in?

  • If there isn’t a place to work, and no one is hiring, are you sure you want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to learn you wasted all that money and time to sit at home?  Healthcare is one of the most prosperous ventures in the job market.  I always say (and my colleagues say it’s sad) that “people will always get sick.” Germs aren’t going away, cancer is still around and new diseases are being discovered every day!  Until there is a cure for every known human ailment, healthcare is the way to go!

2.)    How long will it take you to get trained and get to work?

  • Get in, get out, and get to work is my motto when looking for a training program.  Recently, I learned everything I needed to know to work as a phlebotomist by taking a two month Phlebotomy program.  It was a fraction of the cost of the 9 month program and I learned all the necessary items to get certified, get out there, and find work!

3.)    Will it prepare you for certification?

  • Many healthcare jobs require you to be licensed and certified.  Pharmacy technician, phlebotomy, medical coding and billing are all careers that may require certification to work, depending on your state.  A program that doesn’t specifically prepare you for what’s important, such as certification, really isn’t worth your money, energy and most importantly, time.

4.)    Is it a respectable and recognized program in the community?

  • So many times, I hear stories about students paying “X” amount of money up front only to never hear from the “school” again.  If no one has ever heard of the program/school before or the “educators” act suspicious, please think twice about handing over a wad of cash, your plastic, or big check!  Schools that are accredited by one or more national or state education agencies are the best way to go.  You wouldn’t buy your medications from a “pharmacist” in an alley way right?  Don’t do the same for your education!!

5.)    Who is the instructor and are they qualified to teach the program and train you for a new career?

  • Learning how to drive from someone with a suspended driver’s license isn’t a smart idea.  Neither is learning a new career from someone who has been barred or fired from the same career they are training you for!  It is easy to read a book and say you know everything about a certain field, but until you have WORKED in the field, in my opinion, you aren’t qualified to teach it.  Especially in healthcare—instructors MUST bring their real life experiences into the classroom to teach their pupils the do’s and don’ts, ups and downs, and in’s and out’s of being a pharmacy technician, phlebotomist or medical coding and billing specialist.  PERIOD.

In the end, the decision is yours.  DO YOUR RESEARCH until you are 150% sure about the program you want to take!  Educate yourself and work hard to grasp that dream healthcare career you always wanted!

Check out the variety of healthcare training programs we offer at www.mkedu.orgWhich one interests you the most?


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